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Band Reviews:

“One of the most luminously powerful voices I’ve heard since Whitney Houston. She knocked me out of my seat!” – Tamara Fuller, GM, The Velvet Note

Theater reviews: Summer Bergeron


“Speaking of Effie, Summer Bergeron's portrayal of this character is brilliant. I would think that it would be very intimidating to play Effie since people can't help but make a comparison with Jennifer Holliday, who will forever be identified with that role. But if Summer had any reservations, they never showed, nor should she have had any. She brings such a depth and passion to her character, that when she sings, you feel it right down to the tips your toes. While watching her perform, I felt like I was witnessing the launch of a star's career”

“So, where to start? If you have ever had the chance to hear Summer Bergeron tear it up in shows like Ragtime and Ain't Misbehavin' then you haven't seen anything like the performance she gives as Effie White, the talented yet difficult original lead singer for The Dreams. The most well known song of Dreamgirls - "And I am Telling You" is so often performed in cabarets as a defiant fit of Diva behavior, that often you forget that it is the last desperate act of a woman to keep her no-good man from dumping her. Summer's delivery of this song was full of so much raw vulnerability and cathartic emotion, that you almost feel a bit voyeuristic for witnessing her break down. It is in this moment we see Effie's mask crumble and reveal that underneath it all she is an insecure mess of low self-esteem. Only one other time in Atlanta have I seen an act one finale get a standing ovation like last night's (coincidentally, it was when Summer performed "Till We Reach That Day" in Ragtime - what can I say, the girl is amazing!)”

“My greatest delight was the STUNNING Summer Bergeron. Encompassing the passion and drive of her character, Summer's complete performance(ATTA GURL) touched the entire theater audience and made a special memory of that evening.”




“And the role of Sarah's Friend played by Summer Bergeron was powerful. It had the ladies in the back row standing and answering back in Baptist Church fashion. Speak it! And the rest of the show was beautifully rounded out by an amazing ensemble of folks. The level of committment in everyone's faces was amazing. I have never seen an "In Concert" Performance where the folks onstage were really observing the action and reacting to it, and not just wating for the next time to stand and sing.”


“The Act 1 Finale. Bring kleenex. The passion behind Summer Bergeron's singing combined with the raw emotion of the cast is chilling”Easily the most emotional song of the score, "Til We Reach That Day" would not be complete without the one soloist who takes this song and blows it through the roof. Summer Bergeron, as Sarah's friend, begins by mournfully creating an intensely deep, husky sound that soon escalates into a climactic, emotionally super-charged solo that will absolutely give you chills from head to toe. Summer's voice is very reminiscent of power-house divas Jennifer Holliday and Deborah Cox. She was absolutely incredibleType your paragraph here.